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About us

Theatresaurus workshops, clubs and courses have been running for 9 years

Weekly drama clubs and holiday courses,  Private coaching for auditions, Communication skills, Speech and drama exam coaching,  Stage combat,  Working with Shakespeare’s text, One day workshops on a variety of themes with book clubs, teachers and schools.

Theatresaurus operates an equal opportunities policy.  Please contact us for details

The  response to all our courses and clubs,  from both parents and children has been effusive.  The parent of 7 year old Alexei who performed in Macbeth said “I was extremely impressed by the performance and the approach of not dumbing down the text, even for the youngest children. You have enhanced his culture”.  Katy Weir, an actress and director who directed Macbeth with the 4 – 10 year olds said “What interest do a bunch of kids have in Macbeth? I hear you say. Well, a lot it turns out…..there is something definitely remarkable about hearing an 8 year old recite the dagger soliloquy. I am always a strong believer that you can learn something from everybody and I think this is definitely true as an 8 year old goes on instinct, as opposed to trying to grapple with an in-depth analysis of the text.”

Ros and Neil Johnson, the founders of Theatresaurus have a long held belief that Shakespeare has to be active especially for those coming to it for the first time.  It makes it come alive in kids’ minds and brings out their passion and enthusiasm for the writing.

The mother of a 13 year old who played Lady Macbeth said “She has developed a real love of Shakespeare which I am sure comes with acting it out rather than just reading or writing about it”. 17 year old, Grace, who played Bassanio recently and is planning on studying English at University said “After this course, I find myself with a better understanding of The Merchant of Venice; it is much easier to understand when acting it and you can really relate to the characters…I think it’s helped me appreciate the language.”

Ros started running these four day Shakespeare workshops after her son sent her a text from school one lunchtime saying how boring Shakespeare was.  She explains “I was running workshop sessions for the Shakespeare Schools Festival when I received the text.  As you can imagine I was furious and hugely disappointed as my children have been brought up on a diet of Shakespeare and having seen many productions had up until then had a positive experience of him.  It made me determined to get to as many students as possible and encourage a love and understanding of the Bard and indeed other texts.”
The secret of the magic of Theatresaurus is the practical nature of the work. They use improvisation, Movement, Physical theatre, Stage Combat, Stagecraft and relevant themed games to help develop an understanding and enjoyment of the text so that the students have a visual picture of the story they are telling, which give them confidence. They do not shy away from the text but embrace it.  Ros says “We do not need to understand every word of Shakespeare in order to enjoy him- it is the essence of his work we are trying to teach.  The text seems to creep up on the students and before they know it they are reciting huge chunks with confidence and often piercing clarity”.  All Theatresaurus directors come from a professional theatre background and bring a strong sense of this to their work.  They will be using their own particular style and active approach to the text to ignite a passion in kids that they can’t get simply from reading.