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Leadership for young Adults

Theatresaurus has put together an innovative and creative way of encouraging children to think about leadership. Perfected over a year, working with teenagers at Wells Cathedral School, the programme explores influencing skills, resilience and personal authority using drama and game playing. The teenagers are introduced to the concept of leadership and work towards their own definitions and ideas of what leadership should mean at their school and for their leaders and peers. Chief amongst these are respect for others, fairness and more inclusive problem solving.

We use plays by Shakespeare and modern dramas to encourage the children to look at problem-solving and influencing through the eyes of others. Improvisation and text work encourages creativity and deepens learning.

Children who have been on the programme say that it has increased their confidence, encouraged them to think about what is best for everyone and become more thoughtful and considerate.

Feedback from working with the teenagers is overwhelmingly positive with nearly all wanting to know more about leadership and having learned and named several key leadership concepts.

This programme can be aimed at those going into leadership positions in schools such as prefects or those waiting to go to University or into the world of work where knowledge of some key leadership concepts can make all the difference

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