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Private Speech and Drama Lessons

Speech and Drama

Cost:  Solo – £17 per half hour session   Pair – £9 each per half hour session

Group of three or more £7 per half hour session

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These are weekly private lessons specifically working with the requirements of the Trinity Guildhall syllabus. Students take examinations at the end of each year and acquire certificates leading up to diploma level.

Trinity Guildhall Grade examinations are designed to encourage candidates from all countries and cultures to engage with as wide a variety of performance activities and materials as possible while developing their skills within an integrated framework of assessment. The range of study options available both in this Acting and Speaking syllabus and in the related Drama & Speech subject syllabuses reflect the many and varied contexts and cultures in which candidates experience, rehearse and perform different types of material. Examinations may be taken by individuals, by pairs or by groups of three or more. There is no maximum group size.
All examinations offer candidates opportunities to demonstrate performance skills appropriate to their individual interests and aspirations. Candidates for solo and pair examinations additionally undertake various tasks that enable them
to display supporting skills such as sight reading, story-telling and improvisation.
Candidates also engage with the examiner in conversation/discussion in order to display their knowledge and understanding both of repertoire and of the range of techniques that may be employed for effective and engaging performance.’

Grade 6 and above also provide students with additional UCAS points.