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It is such an adventure and we are loving it

‘ If all children were to have the benefit of this 
experience, then we would be able to do away with the fear and ignorance 
surrounding Shakespeare, and have a whole school system filled with 
lovers of the Bard!’  Mrs Green Winscombe school

‘I just wanted to let you know how wonderful the Theatresaurus Easter Shakespeare at Kingswood Theatre was! My Daughter took part and she absolutely loved it. As a parent I was amazed at the high standard of final performance by the students after only 4 days of rehearsal and only 3 evenings dedicated to learning extensive lines. Without doubt, all the children did an outstanding job in a polished and faultless mini production of Twelfth Night. I would highly and unreservedly recommend this Theatre Company to other children and their parents who are looking for something to do during the holidays.’ Parent of 12 year old Ana

I wasn’t sure about doing Shakespeare as it’s always seemed boring in English lessons and I’m not particularly good at learning loads of lines. However, having to communicate Shakespeare’s language to the audience, helped me make sense of it all and I realised he’s quite a cool guy. Doing a play with a lot of action and movement helps too, the fencing parts were really fun! Flynn Age 13

My name is Aaron, I’m 13 years old and I am a student at Theatresaurus drama club. Going to Theatresaurus every week has made me a much happier person for all kinds of different reasons. I go in with huge exitement every week and know I’ll have an amazing time and I’ll learn something new by the end of the lesson.


Everyone on the course seemed to really enjoy it, I know my brother and sister definitely did; they go on pretty much all the courses Theatresaurus have on offer and come back raving about how great they are. Both me and me sister started reading the full version of the play  as soon as we got home and it’s funny just reading the lines. I can now imagine my brother, Ted, (Shylock) counting his ducats, and my little sister, Rosa, (Portia) delivering the famous speech “The quality of mercy is not strained.”

Grace age 17

Ros and her team’s methods of teaching on the Summer course helped the children not only to maximise their skills, but to bond as a group, work together co-operatively, produce an excellent piece of work and, through this, become friends

Sue W

Speech and drama offered me the opportunity to appreciate Shakespeare’s work in performance. This heightened my understanding of the text, as I was taught how to truly capture the emotion he wished to convey through his words.

Anthony Fellows

My kids have done the Summer course for the last two years and love every minute. They seem to gain skills and confidence and Ros and her team work miracles.

Lydia - Parent

Stephi learnt so much from the excellent summer course. She was delighted to receive a distinction in her exam as well as making many new friends and being so readily accepted by those on the course.

I would recommend the course to anyone. I believe this course would improve the confidence of any child who took part.

Marion - Parent